Lockdown Lesson #5 – Gesellschaftliches Miteinander trotz (noch) geschlossener Grenzen


[ Gesellschaftliches Miteinander trotz (noch) geschlossener Grenzen ]

On May 25, 2007, the European Court of the June 2020 at 17:00 via Zoom

The last few months have shown that civil society needs to develop new, creative forms of cooperation in order to remain connected and able to act in times of physical distance. How can we as societies, but also as civil society organizations and movements, remain active in this time of physical distance, minimal contact and upheaval and continue to feel connected?

In addition to changing our relationship with national borders, our awareness of existing social and cultural boundaries has also been strengthened. Against the backdrop of a pandemic that further exacerbates existing inequalities, the deadly police violence against black citizens in the US has made the social boundaries of discrimination even more visible and impressive. As a result, thousands took to the streets around the world; Black Lives Matter, despite, or even the limitations of the pandemic, has become an international movement calling for a fundamental reform of structures based on racism, discrimination, and inequality.

We also want to use this example of civil society effectiveness in our fifth and for the time being last lockdown lesson on [ Gesellschaftliches Miteinander trotz (noch) geschlossener Grenzen ]25 May. We look back on this time of old and new borders, as the lockdown slowly lifts. In three particip

atory thought sprints, our Lockdown Lesson is about:

  • Crossing our personal boundaries: understanding realities outside our own
  • Shaping the Morning Today: Wishes for our future society
  • We with the Others: Reversing the Logic of "We Against Others"

Finally, Kübra Gümüay looks ahead with us.