[ Science Communication: The Comeback of Facts]

on May 28, 2020 at 17.00 via ZOOM

In many countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic, scientists have become fixed points within the public debate. Not only because in times of general uncertainty, they have access to limited reliable information and are able to interpret it. But also because they are able to provide us with orientation in an unagitated and clear manner. In some cases, scientists have even gained star followings, but on the other hand, this sober reality also provokes aggression, death threats, and there is even talk of “virologist dictatorships”.
Parallel to the renaissance of facts, conspiracy theories and disinformation are gaining momentum. Nevertheless, the current situation is an opportunity to give science a new role in our thoughts and behavior. In our third Lockdown Lesson ” Scientific Communication: The Comeback of Facts” we want to discuss how this can proceed.
We’re looking forward to welcoming Michelle Müntefering, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office; Prof. Joybrato Mukherjee, President of the DAAD; Alice Stollmeyer, founder and Executive Director of Defend Democracy and Dr. Judith Wellen, Head of the Strategy and External Relations Department of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation; Vito Cecere, Commissioner for Science, Education, Research Policy, and Foreign Cultural Policy and Prof. Jörg Stoye, economist and statistician.
In three breakout sessions, we will discuss:
  • Context is King: Why data alone is not knowledge
  • Learning from the scientific error culture
  • The new rage of aluminum hats – disinformation and conspiracy theories

This event will take place in German.


In two further Lockdown Lessons we want to talk about the following topics:


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