[ New Chances for a European Public Space ]

on May 14, 2020 at 17.00 via ZOOM

These days, ”Europe” has become an abstract idea to many, and for some, it is perhaps even more abstract than before. Closed borders, nation centric responses and crisis driven rhetoric determine the picture of the European project. Although cross-border and, in particular, civil society communication during this crisis is being lived out in various places, it mostly remains invisible.

In the next round of our “Lockdown Lessons” [New Opportunities for a European Public Space], polisphere and the Initiative Offene Gesellschaft invite you to discuss how we can revitalize and experience the European (both virtual and physical) space, where we meet and how we can communicate with each other – both during the Corona crisis and after it has passed.

We are looking forward to welcoming Prof Dr. Julia von Blumenthal, President of the European University Viadrina; Sabine Mehnert, Talking Europe Project Lead; Martin Speer and Vincent-Immanuel Herr, initiators of #FreeInterrail; Prof. Dr. Andreas Gardt, Professor of German Linguistics/Linguistic History at the University of Kassel, Karolina Wigura, sociologist and editor of Culture Liberalna and Natalie Nougayrède, journalist and columnist for The Guardian.

In three breakout sessions, we will discuss:

  • Can you put on your mic, please? How language can go from hurdle to broadening horizons.
  • Let’s talk/play/cook together. How to design digital spaces to bring Europeans together.
  • Schengen will be back: Participation in European physical spaces.

This event will take place in English.


In three further Lockdown Lessons we want to talk about the following topics:


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